The Gluten Free Mexican Wedding Cookie was one of our first cookies along with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar and Chocolate Crinkle Cookie.  We developed them as part of the Whole Foods Local Producer Loan Program and I think we were one of the first bakeries in the Mid-Atlantic region to participate in this program.

moondance gluten free mexican wedding cookie

The Mexican Wedding Cookie seemed like a great addition to the new line of gluten free cookies because we just couldn’t find any others on the market at the time.  I worked on the recipe for months, going through so many changes that I nearly lost the final recipe!

What makes the Mexican Wedding Cookie so special is the texture.  So many gluten free products are hard or gritty.  Our Mexican Wedding Cookie has a light, delicate texture that people love.  Of course, with plenty of pecans, all natural butter and a coating of powdered sugar, the flavor is delicious too!

One day not too long ago we had finished loading a truck with products to be shipped to the Atlanta region.  The driver asked if we had any extra Mexican Wedding Cookies.  I didn’t know it at the time but Emmanuel (the driver for our distributor) was of Haitian descent.  He said that the Mexican Wedding cookie reminded him of a cookie his mom used to make but that he couldn’t find anywhere else!  How cool is that?

Emmanuel’s comment was part of a trend we’ve noticed over the years.  Although the Mexican Wedding cookie isn’t our best seller (that distinction goes to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar) it has the most devoted fans.  I receive more emails from people saying that they absolutely LOVE this cookie than nearly any other product.

Today our Mexican Wedding Cookie is available at Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Bristol Farms and many, many other retailers.  Let me know if you love them!  If you can’t find them, let me know that too…maybe I can help get them into a store near you.

Gluten Free Mexican Wedding Cookie
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