One of the most popular displays in many in-store Bakery sections is the bulk cookies, often called Cookies by the Pound.  If ever there was an area where being gluten free made me feel left out, this was it!  No more!  Try Moondance Gluten Free Cookies by the Pound.

One afternoon I was talking to the Regional Bakery Coordinator for Whole Foods Northern California.  This person has since moved on but he was a real pleasure to work with.  I asked him if there were any products he would like to offer that he didn’t currently have.  “Sure, gluten free cookies by the pound,” he said.  I told him I would start working on samples right away.

After a couple of weeks of test baking I came up with a nice range of options.  Chocolate Sandwich, Lemon Sandwich, Ginger Lemon Sandwich, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Chip Shortbread, Spring Flower and Lemon Iced.  In addition to these, I thought the different gluten free holiday cookies would be a great way to keep the line fresh.

Let me tell you, there’s a lot of tension when you’re waiting to hear if someone likes your new creations.  I thought I sent a nice range of options.  I knew there weren’t a lot of gluten free sandwich cookies on the market.  I knew all of the cookies were delicious.  I just hoped he would agree!

A week later I got an email saying he loved them!  After that we got our first order.  Since then, we’ve added the line to a number of other Whole Foods regions as well as other retailers.

I’m especially proud of the Moondance Cookies by the Pound.  Not only are they terrific cookies but they made life just a little more “normal” for those of us who are gluten free.  Providing gluten free options that are as good (or better!) than “traditional” choices is one of my passions!

Moondance Gluten Free Cookies by the Pound
Moondance Gluten Free Cookies by the Pound
Gluten Free Cookies by the Pound
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