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chocolate crinkle cookie
chocolate crinkle cookie

Moondance Heavenly Desserts… homemade in small batches… will send you to the moon and back! Are you tired of tasteless gluten free desserts that just leave you wanting more? The wait is over! Our artisan desserts have the home baked taste you’ve been missing.

We understand the culinary challenges involved in baking gluten free desserts, so we have created a wide range of exquisite treats available at your fingertips. The finest ingredients and our unique baking processes give you artisan creations like none you have ever tasted before. Our cheesecakes, cookies, brownies and coffee cakes are simply heavenly!

Several years ago I was diagnosed with a wheat and gluten intolerance. After sifting through all of the bland gluten free baked goods on the market, without any satisfaction, I decided to make my own decadent desserts.

I spent countless hours perfecting my collection of recipes that I call Moondance. These elegant gluten free desserts were created out of necessity, but have grown into a magical line of products I am able to offer to the Celiac community as well as anyone who struggles with other wheat/gluten issues and people who want a healthy, natural gluten free diet.


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  • February 18, 2017 at 7:49 am

    I love your cookies but I can only get them at Whole Foods and the variety is limited. My favorite cookie is a shortbread, However I do not like icing. Anything almond flavored is a hit with me. I would love to try your pound cakes but again, Whole Foods does not carry them. Also, I am interested in purchasing your gluten free flour.


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