Some of our delicious gluten free cookies

We’re sure you’ll love the taste and convenience of Moondance gluten free cookies.  The re-sealable lid makes it easy to enjoy one or two now…and one or two later.  But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a review from the folks over at Triumph Dining who also love them.

We know gluten free consumers want choices too!  That’s why we developed “cookies by the pound.”  We offer a number of individually wrapped artisan cookies to be sold by the pound.  Some of the current options (they’re always changing!) include:  chocolate sandwich, chocolate mint, spring flower, ginger sandwich, lemon sandwich, lemon drop, chocolate chip shortbread and a number of seasonal cookies.

We also offer gluten free cookies for nearly all holiday occasions so you can have the same options as everyone else!

Several regions of Whole Foods (Northern California, Rocky Mountain and South) currently carry the program and it will be coming in September to the Mid-Atlantic region of Whole Foods.  If you want them in the Whole Foods near you, just ask the Bakery Coordinator…they can bring them in for you!


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